God, Sex & Psychosis

When criminal psychologist Mira Skyles is assigned by a court order to evaluate Egon Norwood, a person of interest in a serial killer case, she recognizes both a man with a dissociative identity disorder and the boy who once saved her life, with whom she shares a secret history.

Egon Norwood is a master of illusion, a brilliant street artist who is mentally unraveling. He has perfected the art of dying on stage, transforming into statues that come to life, before perishing. Egon’s off-stage life is just as dramatic, punctuated by disturbing and unexplained blackouts. His estranged twin sister, Faye, is a performer too, whose twisted concept of fun and her uninhibited behavior has made enemies – people who want her dead.

Mira Skyles works with neurotics, pathological liars, and psychopaths. On the surface, she performs admirably and is a highly-respected criminal psychologist. But, because of her past, she struggles with her inner demons. She is evaluating a suspected serial killer assigned to her by court order. He is mysterious and charming. Against her better judgment, Mira finds herself falling in love.

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