Todd Crawshaw at Book Passage

About the Author

Todd Crawshaw considers creative writing to be a visual art:

“Like atoms begetting atoms that beget molecules, when uniquely linked, words form a DNA of indelible visions.”

As a visual artist, novelist, and poet, Todd creates memorable experiences – stories that are imaginative, psychological, and inspirational.

The author of several books, Todd’s novels include God, Sex & Psychosis, Heretofore, and Exploits of the Satyr. He has also published a hybrid genre of poetry and short story, a collection of fiction, entitled Light-Years in the Dark: StoryPoems. He attended the University of Oregon at the School of Architecture and Allied Arts, graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology. He is the founder of Crawshaw Design, a graphic design firm based in San Francisco that provides integrated brand marketing for print and the web. A member of Left Coast Writers, the SR Chamber of Commerce, and the Executives Association of San Francisco (having served on the board as president), he is passionate about community and family. He is married with two daughters and lives in Northern California.

(Alternatively, Todd has lived the life of a prehistoric hunter, a gatherer, a gladiator, a monk, a gypsy, a painter, a financier, a prostitute, a saint – or not. He likes to keep an open mind.)

Book Talk Video for God, Sex & Psychosis

More about the improbable story behind becoming a writer: Why | Why Not


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